Cruzeiro 2021 Adidas Kit

Cruzeiro de Brasil revealed on this day his starting shirt for the 2021 season. The elastic celebrates the club's centenary and was presented with a photo shoot at the Mineircao Stadium, which featured old club legends such as Dirceu Lopes, Natal, Marcelo Ramos, Nonato, Geovanni, Douglas and Gomes, as well as three female team players: Eskerdinha, Vanessinha and Duda.

Cruzeiro 2021 Adidas Kit

Cruzeiro 2021 Kit

Sponsor: adidas

Design: The new kit uses a fairly simple template. The base is the blue Cruzeiro that lives in our memory and adds golden touches to the adidas strips that are installed on the shoulders.

The details lift the shirt a little. All, by the way, alluding to the roots of the club and the festivities of its centenary.

Cruzeiro 2021 Adidas Kit

Cruzeiro 2021 Adidas Kit

An example is the fists, which are adorned with the colors of the Italian flag, a nation intimately linked to the origins of the Brazilian ensemble. On each fist, in addition, the legend "100 Years" is printed.

The link with the European nation also appears on the back, with a plaque reminiscent of the commemoration (1921-2021) and a logo that fuses the current shield of the institution with that of Paléstra Italia, original name and that was modified during World War II by order of the local government.

Cruzeiro's 2021 shirt, a team that for the second consecutive season will play in Brazil's Serie B, will be on sale in the coming days at adidas and the club's online store.

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